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Adana C.

October 25, 2012the tech prosReviews1

Gerrell Sterling,
The Technology Professionals:

I define myself as functionally illiterate when it comes to technology. After speaking with Gerrell about what I wanted to accomplish with my website and the technical difficulties I was having I was excited. I knew that even though I did not lay out a clear and detailed plan, he understood the end result I desired. Gerrell asked questions that not only made me clarify what I wanted but made me reflect on how what I wanted could be used and maintained in the future. Something I had not considered. Gerrell got right to work and within what seemed liked moments called to let me know that the work was completed. Gerrell completed a seamless registration, pay, and lead gathering point on my website and linked it to my contact management system and made sure each section worked seamlessly. I was more than satisfied with the work but even more surprised to see the wonderful new things that not only helped me save time but made all of my websites a seamless reflection. Now I only have to make edits in one place and those changes are immediately in place everywhere else. Gerrell gave me a more professional and seamless collaboration between my (.com) and my (.net) and saved me from a stressful experience that would have taken hours, if not days; more than that he made a part of my practice more efficient allowing me to spend more time and energy with my clients.


Adana C.

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  1. Evan TechMay 19, 2014 at 3:18 amReply

    Great review Adana C.

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